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Abstract-OS is a CosmWasm framework that allows developers to create and monetize decentralized applications using a modular component system.

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Designed for developers

All-in-one developer framework

Abstract provides a wide variety of services for new and existing CosmWasm projects. Choose from our curated library or develop your own using our SDK.

Abstract SDK
Build and monetize your CosmWasm smart contracts with our custom SDK featuring hands-off state-management, DEX integrations and more.
Custom Governance
Customize the governance structure of your application to your specifications. Integrate with multisignature wallets, DaoDao, or a custom contract if those don't suit your needs.
Testing Infrastructure (BOOT)
Integrate with Abstract and quickly increase test coverage using our vast integration testing library.
Multisignature Wallet Management
Manage members, proposals, and votes for CW3-Flex and CW3-Fixed multisignature wallets.
Plug & Play Modules
Customize your application with smart contract modules to fit your use case.
Version Management
Easily upgrade your installed modules to get new features and apply bug-fixes.


Applications already available with Abstract-OS modules.


SDK Integrations

Cron Cat
White Whale

Open-Source Tooling

BOOT: CosmWasm Smart Contract scripting library

Multi-environment CosmWasm smart-contract deployment and scripting

Mock networks and contracts

Strongly typed in Rust

Fast iteration and debugging

Get Started with BOOT
BOOT Code Snippet

Networks & Validators


Abstract is deployed on and runs a high-quality multi-party-signature validator for Juno Network.

Stake with Abstract


Abstract is fully deployed on Torii Testnet.

Terra V2

Abstract is fully-deployed on Terra Testnet


Undergoing testing...


Coming soon!

Secret Network

Coming soon!

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